Separate collection of food waste at households – City of Milan (IT)


We design collection schemes for large cities and small towns

Milan is the metropolitan city in the world with the largest extension of the separate collection of food waste.

In 2012 we assisted the municipal company AMSA, the municipal company responsible for MSW management, on the choices for implementing the collection of foodwaste, supporting it during the planning and start-up of the new collection scheme for households.

The first operational area in ​​Milan started in November 2012.

Today Milan is among the best-performing European Cities with intensive sorting schemes for food waste and other recyclables. About 140’000 tpa of organic waste are recycled into compost and biomethane, a practical example how circular economy can be applied effectively to organic waste recycling.

Milan’s achievements can be viewed here

Separate collection of food waste – Bratislava (SK)

year 2021

We design collection schemes for large cities and small towns, even abroad

Bratislava is the capital city of the Slovak Republic.

Between 2020/2021 we developed the strategy for the separate collection of kitchen waste on behalf of the city and the public waste manager OLO.

We have also defined the operating procedures for the collection from households and businesses and designed the collection of kitchen waste in the first pilot district of almost 7,000 inhabitants, which served as a trailblazer for the rest of the city.

Bratislava’s achievements can be viewed here

Recycling organic waste – in Brasilian municipalities

year 2016

We design collection schemes for large cities and small towns, even abroad

A unified roadmap for driving municipalities in Brasil towards recycling of organic waste


Marco Ricci of Altereko is the main author in defining the CCAC-ABRELPE roadmap for recycling organic waste (unpubblished), aiming to help municipalities in Brasil to choose the right direction towards consistent recycling of organic waste. CCAC’s waste initiative brings together technical experts and policymakers from all levels of government to offer direct technical assistance for developing waste management master plans, waste assessments, and feasibility studies, training and capacity building, information exchange and networking opportunities between cities.

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