International projects – strategies and recycling

MSW management is a complex system, whith similar issues in various countries; but priorities and goals may vary significantly depending on the economics, social context and local infrastructures. Different waste compositions require appropriate operational responses.

Altereko works with 5 main EU languages (German, Italian, English, Spanish and French) and has more than 17 years of foreign working experience as consulting expert focusing on issues related to solid waste management.

Extensive consultancy experience in the Solid Waste Sector – on Strategy and Policy, Fees&Taxes, Separate collection schemes – , both in ´advanced´ and ´low to middle income’ countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Marco Ricci is invited and participates in a number of international events and seminars

– – – a selection of our international projects – – –

Pre-Feasibility Assessment of an Organic Waste Treatment Project

for CCAC and EPA-US & ABT Associates

Lead author preparing the pre-Feasibility Assessment of an Organic Waste Treatment Project for the municipalities of the South Backa Waste Management Region in Serbia.



Sao Paulo (BRL)- Strategy for organic waste collection &recycling

for CCAC & ISWA International

6As main technical Expert M. Ricci designed the strategy for organic waste diversion in the City of Sao Paulo; read more here. The strategy document can be downloaded here

An update to what happend since 2016 can be found here.

CCAC’s waste initiative can be accessed here.



SWEEPNET- Biowaste management in mediterranean areas

for GIZ & ISWA International

Marco Ricci cooperated with SWEEPNET the Regional network for integrated waste management in the MENA region. In 2014 he participated in the annual meeting of the organisation with a presentation focusing on the success cases about biowaste recycling and composting in hot, dry climate zones typical of the Mediterranean basin.



SCOW – Selective Collection of Organic Waste in tourist areas

BCN Ecologia in coop.  with ARS-Ambiente

Technical support to correctly frame the operational proposals received from the various project partners, assessing their design consistency, technical feasibility, economic sustainability and replicability. The SCOW project involves partners from all over the Mediterranean basin and aims to promote the recycling of organic waste produced in tourist areas in close cooperation with local farmers.



Handbook for the management of Biowastes – for municipalities

Ministry of Environment of Slovak Republic

The Manual was prepared by four main authors, including M. Ricci of Altereko sas, to provide a guidance tool for developing the separate collection of organic waste in the Municipalities of the Slovak Republic.

The Manual focuses on strategic choices and describes the tools and methods for promoting separate waste collection of both food- and garden waste and includes the option of home composting.



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