Environmental education and school

educational projects designed with and for schools

we share knowledge in a passionate way and according to the needs of teachers and the teaching programs forseen in the single school we are involved with …

Our projects are not bottom-down, but designed in collaboration and synergy with the Teachers involved, favoring interaction with standard teaching activities. In this way we precisely define the topics to be developed at school, leaving the teacher room for managing the project topics on their own.

Our proposals always include a training activity for teachers, to enrich their knowledge and give them the skills and materials to independently develop educational paths on various topics related to recyling.



Our proposals for schools focus on three main topics:

waste prevention and sustainable consumption in everyday life

circular economy and education on separate waste collection

home composting and (re)cycling of organic matter

We work transversely with the different classes and ages of the pupils, trying to limit the activities of our experts inside the classroom to leave significant “room” for teachers to act. Our projects include both activities in classroom (conventional teaching) and experiental activities (games, bricolage) and activities in the settlement where the school is located.

Discover composting at school

a project in the primary school “G. Carducci”, Verona, IT

Why this project:

The objectives and goals of the project carried out between 2016/2017 are:

  • understand the problems with waste arisings
  • make children aware of the importance of respecting their neighborhood;
  • create an authentic and motivating context at school;
  • create a process of interaction/sharing also with families;
  • work at school in an interdisciplinary way, increasing collaboration between teachers

Altereko oversaw the set-up of the educational project with the teachers, carried out an orientation and initial training seminar and performed various targeted interventions with and in the classes. After the first year, the topic of circular economy became a permanent part of the School’s teaching program and folowing project are developed in the following years :

  • laboratories on vermicomposting and soil functioning
  • an experience of creating a vegetable garden at school

The project was carried out between 2016/2017 and involved all classes of the school.


The CCAC handbook on composting for schools

teach new generations how to reduce climate change and its effects

Marco Ricci of Altereko is the lead author of the 1st CCAC-handbook designed for teachers who intend to introduce the topic of recycling organics by means of composting in schools. The Handbook is published in Portuguese and English.

The Manual was adopted by the City of São Paulo (Brazil) as part of the strategy to reduce organic waste.

CCAC is the Climate & Clean Air Coalition initiative of the United Nations agency that promotes the reduction of Green-House-Gases through better management of organic waste.

Download the handbook_English

Donwload the handbook_Portuguise


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