Bioplastics & Compostability

a complex journey to ease the collection of foodwaste and reduce contaminants in compost

Compostable items and packaging should not be conceived as a 1-to-1 substitute of conventional single use plastics, but be evaluated only in connection where their use determines a net benefit for the recycling of organic waste.

Altereko has a significant expertise in dealing with compostable items such as bags and liners for separate collection of kitchen waste, food packaging and Single Use Plastics that can be collected and recycled at industrial composting facilities.

M. Ricci is responsible for the certification scheme “Compostabile CIC” of the Italian Compost and Biogas Association CIC based on the UNI-EN-13432 harmonised standard.


We have gained a long term experience in evaluating the feasibility of a wide range of packaging items and Single Use Plastics in connection with their suitability to be certified according to the European harmonised standard EN-13432 and other technical standards regarding biodegradability and compostability.

ISWA Key Issue Paper – biodegradable plastics

International Solid Waste Association

M. Ricci is lead-author of the document, coordinating its drafting and taking care of its graphic contents., the document is prepared by the International Working Group on the management of biodegradable waste of ISWA international.

The document aims to represent a correct classification of compostable bioplastics as well as providing indications about their contribution to the success of the separate collection of organic waste.

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